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Free 52 Hikes Photobook

Ready to choke down your internet connection and frustrate the rest of your family? Here’s a 100-page ebook (76 MB) with some of my favorite photographs from hikes for you. Like so many things in life, this too is free. ¬†ūüėČ

52 Hikes Photobook

52 Hikes Photobook


Hikes 44 through 52

I’m happy to report that I was able to hike 52 times in 52 weeks. ¬†The project was a success for me. ¬†Not only did I explore and appreciate more trails, I am now doing something for them. ¬†I volunteer and advocate for trails agencies¬†such as Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, East Bay Regional Parks and Rails to Trails, to name a few. ¬†This is probably the biggest and most satisfying change that came about because of the project.

I continue to hike regularly and am thankful to live in an area that has thousands of miles of trails. ¬†For those who enjoy numbers (num-nuts?), here’s a summary of the project:

  • Total distance: ¬†Approximately 447.2 miles
  • Average hike distance: ¬†8.6 miles
  • Shortest hike: ¬†1.6 miles
  • Longest hike: ¬†14.6 miles
  • Total elevation gain: ¬†Approximately 62,500 ft
  • Maximum climb: ¬†About 3,500 ft
  • Photographs taken: ¬†Approximately 7,000
  • Hikes with my wife: ¬†5
  • Wore out one pair hiking boots and one camera

Is this turkey still alive?

Here’s an update for the two followers of this blog. ¬†Remember me?

The hikes were completed a long time ago but I failed to update the blog.  Something stirred and here we go again.  Evolution, morphosis, cancer; take your pick.  Either way, changes coming soon.  Sway tuned.

Hike 43 – With Clare and Bear, May 2, 2010

This was probably going to be my last hike for this project in the East Bay hills.  With rising temperatures and the hills turning brown, soon I might not enjoy hiking here.  That thought brought a temporary cloud of gloom.

I was however getting tired of seeing familiar landscapes and that had left me uninspired to take too many photographs.  The ones I was taking were similar to ones I had taken before.  A change would be good.

The good news was that soon I’d be hiking along the ocean, bay or in the city.¬† Besides, I only had nine more hikes to go for this project and then I could move on to other things.¬† My heart skipped like a pebble on a pond.

On most days, I would not bother with a short 5.7 mile hike.  But today was different because I was going to complete the Diablo Trail.  Excitedly, I pulled up at the trailhead for the Highland Trail in Morgan Territory Regional Preserve along the Morgan Territory road.  The time was shortly after 7:30 AM and the temperature was 46 degrees.

I figured it would take about two hours to complete this.  Total climb would be around 700 feet.  With such an early start, I would be home in no time and have the rest of the day to fritter away.  The first mile of the hike had some climbing to it but beyond that everything was going to be easy.

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