Journey: 52 Hikes and more


My name is Raj and I started this blog in 2009 to track my hikes. My goal was to hike on average once a week during a 52 week period and I had hoped that telling everyone about it would make me stay on track.

While I hit my 52-hike target on time, I let the blog languish. However, I’ve continued to hike and am now getting into biking as well. Consequently the site is morphing and I expect to post bits about this and that and who knows what.

Most of the time I go on 8 to 15 mile dayhikes around the San Francisco Bay Area. I prefer hiking on mountains but I enjoy and sometimes hike along the beach or in urban settings as well.

About 496 years, 3 months and 17 days after Señor Chris Columbus first landed in the New World, the wheels of our PanAm flight from New Delhi skidded on the runway and brought us straight into the welcoming arms of America.

The California gold rush of 2000 brought my wife Sudha and I to the Bay Area and it has been our home since then. More specifically, we live in the East Bay under the dark long shadow of Mount Diablo. While we were late in discovering America and California, we thoroughly enjoy living and traveling here.

This site exists mainly for my own reasons and satisfaction and not because I have anything special to say. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it and thank you for stopping by.

If you need to reach me and have already tried homing pigeons, stool pigeons, clay pigeons, flags, tom-toms, smoke signals, darts and arrows (non poison tips preferred), guitar hooks, licks and solos, send me an email at but remember to replace nobody with rhajela. No snail mail please because that privilege is reserved for Chase Bank and the six credit card offers they send me daily. 😉

4 thoughts on “About

  1. What beautiful photos! Love the fact that you can feel the atmosphere completely in one glance. The descriptions of your hikes and the stories with them complete the experience. Great blog!

  2. I’ll be watching your hikes from a couple hundred miles from the south. Have fun in 2010!

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