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Hikes 44 through 52

I’m happy to report that I was able to hike 52 times in 52 weeks.  The project was a success for me.  Not only did I explore and appreciate more trails, I am now doing something for them.  I volunteer and advocate for trails agencies such as Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, East Bay Regional Parks and Rails to Trails, to name a few.  This is probably the biggest and most satisfying change that came about because of the project.

I continue to hike regularly and am thankful to live in an area that has thousands of miles of trails.  For those who enjoy numbers (num-nuts?), here’s a summary of the project:

  • Total distance:  Approximately 447.2 miles
  • Average hike distance:  8.6 miles
  • Shortest hike:  1.6 miles
  • Longest hike:  14.6 miles
  • Total elevation gain:  Approximately 62,500 ft
  • Maximum climb:  About 3,500 ft
  • Photographs taken:  Approximately 7,000
  • Hikes with my wife:  5
  • Wore out one pair hiking boots and one camera

Is this turkey still alive?

Here’s an update for the two followers of this blog.  Remember me?

The hikes were completed a long time ago but I failed to update the blog.  Something stirred and here we go again.  Evolution, morphosis, cancer; take your pick.  Either way, changes coming soon.  Sway tuned.

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