Journey: 52 Hikes and more

Hike 20 – Windmills in the Fog, December 20, 2009

As noted in my previous post, I had to keep my hike short because of the short hours of daylight and a sick wife at home.  Also, the weather was not supposed to be the greatest but there was a brief window open, so at least I could go on a short hike.

My hike almost did not happen.  Driving on Marsh Creek Road towards Vasco Road, I almost had a head-on collision with another car.  For some reason, on this narrow, winding road, the driver of the car preferred to drive on my side of the road instead of his own.  Luckily, he was awake, and thankfully, he corrected his mistake in time and we both survived a potential mess.

What was bad now was that sections of the drive were covered by dense fog.  I feared that there might be no sun throughout the hike and consequently would not get any pictures at all.  Then, as I approached Livermore, things seemed to clear up a bit.  I allowed myself some hope that the sun might come out after all.

The forecasters had predicted otherwise, with increasing cloudiness as the morning progressed.  But I’m an optimist, no matter what the weather forecasters say.  They may have advanced scientific degrees, sophisticated satellite images, state-of-the-art computing horsepower, and avant-garde mathematical models, but none of them can beat hope.

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