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Hike 15 – Thanksgiving at Black Diamond Mines, November 26, 2009

On Thanksgiving Day, at 8:40 AM I pulled into the Mt. Diablo To Black Diamond Trail parking lot along Marsh Creek Road in Clayton.  I got here more than an hour later than I wanted to.  But here I was and it looked like a good day to hike.  The thermometer read 49 degrees and the sun was out.  No breeze, just pleasant settings for an appetite-building walk to be followed by a monstrous Thanksgiving meal-of-a-lifetime.

Along the trail

Along the trail

Even before I stepped out of the car, I heard the swish of finely crafted aerodynamic golf clubs slicing through the air, followed by the metallic ping of golf balls struck long distances.  I was near the driving range of the Oakhurst Country Club.  I had hiked here earlier this Spring when the grass was lush and green.  Today it would no doubt look different but I was still looking forward to this trek.

Cows and trees

Cows and trees

My goal was to use the Mt. Diablo To Black Diamond Regional Trail to get to Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve and make a loop there.  Total distance attempted would be about 12 miles with about 2,000 ft. elevation change.  And if the weather cooperated, the creek didn’t rise, and other positive things happened in my life, I was hoping to hike three of the next four days to make up for lost hikes and the Thanksgiving excess planned for later in the day.

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