Journey: 52 Hikes and more

Hike 13 – Bollinger Canyon Gem, November 15, 2009

At 9:40 AM on a Sunday morning, I got to the end of the Bollinger Canyon Road.  As the car rolled to a stop at the parking lot, I noted the temperature on the thermometer; 55 degrees.  The sky was clear and blue and this was an ideal day for hiking.  There was a light haze in the distance but overall visibility was excellent.

Calaveras Ridge

Calaveras Ridge

My plan was to hike along the Rocky Ridge View Trail, which traces Rocky Ridge in the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness of San Ramon, an East Bay suburb.  To extend the hike and make it more interesting, I would take the Sycamore Trail down and climb back up to the ridge via the Devil’s Hole Trail, and then either retrace my footsteps back to the car on the Rocky Ridge View Trail, or return via Cuesta Trail.

If I still wanted to hike some more, I could extend the walk by taking the Bollinger Creek Loop Trail.  Total distance covered would be about 8 miles with an elevation gain of about 1,200 ft.

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