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Hike 12 – Mt. Diablo Canyons Loop, November 14, 2009

The thermometer read 52 degrees as I pulled into Regency Drive in Clayton at 8:45 AM.  Popping a mint into my mouth I told myself, “Today is a great day to hike!” and set off on the trail.  I needed every bit of motivation I could muster.

Having sort of “fallen off the wagon,” in my quest to hike on average once a week for a whole year, I had to rely on conventional and unconventional sources of inspiration.  Whether these were words of encouragement twisted out of context, a mint as refreshing as a fresh perspective, or the old standbys of guilt and shame, I needed something more than my legs and mind to propel me forward.

Oak Tree

My goal was a moderate nine-mile loop with about 1,800 ft total climb.  Something reasonable, achievable and to build future hikes on.  I was hiking in Mt. Diablo State Park up Donner Canyon and returning down Mitchell Canyon.

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2 thoughts on “Hike 12 – Mt. Diablo Canyons Loop, November 14, 2009

  1. This is a nice loop. Check out the single-track trails in the area sometime: Eagle Peak Trail and Back Creek Trail in the lower elevations and Bald Ridge Trail higher up.

    • 52hikes on said:

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I have hiked the Eagle Peak and Bald Ridge Trails before but not the Back Creek Trail. I shall try that sometime.

      My next post will be about a hike at Las Trampas. I noticed on your blog that you were out there recently too. 🙂

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