Journey: 52 Hikes and more

Hike 7 – A Desperate Hike, September 5, 2009

It was a frenzied Friday night.  The busy Labor Day Weekend was upon us and I was already one week behind on my hikes.  Besides, I had not planned on hiking this weekend either.  The calendar however delivered a mighty blow that evening.  I realized that we were going to be very busy with visitors, travel, wedding, concerts, events, etc. throughout September and October.

If I was careless, I could fall so far behind that there would be no way for me to hike 52 times within the prescribed twelve months.  So I had to hike this Saturday.  Given our tight schedule and the amount of driving I would be doing this weekend, I had no option but to keep this hike short and close to home.  This was a desperate hike.

It took me about an hour to route a trail and download some maps.  I was not enthused at the prospect of yet another hike in the East Bay.  The parched hills dehydrated by an overzealous sun were depleting my eagerness too.  I was starting to feel handcuffed, like I’d been hiking the same trail repeatedly for the last few weeks.  I needed a change of scenery; something green, blue, steep, or flat.  Anything but the same brown tinderbox hills.H-7 P-4

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